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How to Find an Item 

The easiest way is to use the search options at the top of every page and type in what you're looking for. All the matching results will appear allowing you to click on the item you want.

The second way is to navigate through the GAME BRAND links from the LEFT PANEL which will take you to SUB CATEGORIES of the products your looking for.

How to Order

Ordering is very easy at MagicandMonster.com! Simply go to the item you are interested in and click on the "BUY" button. This will put 1 of that item into your cart. If you need more than 1 of that item, you can either click on the BUY button again, or simply adjust the quantities you want and then proceed to the checkout page. Note, you can also adjust quantities of any item on the checkout page.

Using a Promo Code
By joining the MagicandMonster.com mailing list, you are put on an exclusive list to receive a promo code every month. Redeeming your promo code is easy. When you reach the "YOUR CART" page of the checkout process, towards the leftside-bottom of the page you will find a field that says Promo Code. In this field is where you'll type the code that you are given in the email, and the percentage off will automatically be deducted for you.